i couldnt find a better place to ask this.

ok im in this band and were all average players. i really like this band we all like the same music and want to create the same music. but it seems im the only one who wants to practice im always askin them to practice and we never do we have acouople times though i want to make this work does anyone have any advice about what i should do i would really apreciate it.
why is it moved?
just tell them that they should take the band seriously in a non threatening way...
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ok i will but my bass player ive been with him for like 7months in this band and another one . hes never made it to practice. what should i do with him i really think that he will bring something to the table what should i do???
he does like the same music as the band idk i think im goin to give one more shot at this band of mine. thanks to everyones ideas
I have the same problem with my band the 2nd guitar and i are the only ones who practice together no one else takes it seriously, in fact Ive been in this band 4 2weeks and ive never even heard the bass player play anything.
yea thats exactlye like my band. me and my other guitarest are the ones who practice the most. its so tough with out the whole band.
LOL i was thinking of posting something like this.. I have the same problem.. I'm in a band of 3 : 2 guitarists(1 lead the other rythm and the rythm guitarist sings) and a drummer.. i seem to be the only one that ever wants to practice..Unless i rele piss them off they wont even try and figure out a date to practice I've practice with each one seperately but that doesnt do **** in the long run. Im starting to run outa options. Suggestions?
what ive gotten out of talkin is try to figur out if they really want to play if not then move on. but if u reallly like the band they try to compramise with everyone to make it work thats wat i got out of it hope if helps u