Yesterday I went to a whole bunch of Guitar Centers and Sam Ashes to try out guitars. I tried Gibson, PRS, Ibanez, Fender, Jackson and just about every other brand. I tried Les Pauls Standard, Customs, Fender Strats, Fat Strats, and just about every toher guitar on my exact rig and on other amps and I didnt like any of em! I just could find that "right sound". I tried 3000 dollar guitars and I didnt like em. What the hell is wrong with me?? Has this happened to anybody? Which guitar did you end up buying.? Is my only option to go custom at armoth.com or another site?

thanks in advanced
You're just used to your own tone. I thought a fender american strat sounded like ass compared to my Squier, but then I sort of "evolved" my ears to know what a good tone sounded like and then Fenders sounded good.
keep trying, don't limit yourself to a guitar because its expensive or because its a Gibson Les Paul, just go back, and try more!
Well I 've heard a lot of people say that warmoth is great, but if you were trying out a $3000 guitar looking to buy it, you might just wan to get a custom guitar made by a luthier. You can get one made however you want, whatever specs you want. That's if you've saved up alot of cash for gear.
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Well I've played anything from several hundred dollar guitars to owning a $3000ish acoustic, and have played $10,000+ very limited edition custom acoustics (Taylor Pallet guitar... research it.... amazing piece of equipment... can't afford one but if I hit the lottery...) anyway I havent played long (about 1.5 years now) but needless to say even sitting in the "drivers seat" you can appreciate the difference in tone from one guitar to the next but you really must see things from the other side of the guitar. In my opinion you MUST try it yourself BUT you also must have someone else play it so you can just concentrate on listening to it and not playing at the same time. Playing it yourself is really to get the feel of the guitar and see if it's comfortable to play. Bring a friend who's ability to play you respect or something who will not be "competing with you" to buy it instead. Play several and let them listen and then switch places.
Gibsons or Ibanez always need a pup swap to me and Fender singles are too weak to play dirty. LTD EC1000 JB/59 sounded ok as did Schecter Hellraiser with EMGs the last time I went to the shop.
yea i dont like guitar centers they really dont let you crank the amps to get a true tone, i played a PRS there that i thought was a pile till i played one at a smaller shop that let me crank the amps up, still havent bought one but im thinking about it but i need a H&K tri amp and Rivera Knuckle head first