giving you away tonight
but you'll still be around
everytime i turn off the light
i'll still crawl into bed
and hear every word you said
but you already knew

drinking coffee in the morning
i'll hear that familiar warning
still i'll burn my tongue
cause after all
if i listened i couldnt recall
that you already knew

gave you away last night
and im missing you already
heart beats faster than steadies
mind thinks slower than readies
this time time is untimely
timed to the last
yet you already knew

i raise my glass
and give you a toast
theres not much i can say
and what i say the most
seems you know already
i shwung and i shwinged
but it never really shwang
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its about when someone dies who is close to you
i shwung and i shwinged
but it never really shwang
.I thought it could have been about a child going off to Uni, or getting married or something. Reading it again I can see it is more suited to someone dying.

Its nie.
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Well I can top you all, I've done my mum, my step brother AND a cat. As well as quite a few corpses.