I'm looking for a freeware program that I can use to compose (hopefully something with a MIDI playback feature so I can hear my composition). I've tried out Finale Notepad, I'm wondering is there anything else other than that?
Finale Notepad is all I've ever used...
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finale notepad is nice, but it leaves out some of the features of the full program (can't change time and key sigs in the middle of a song). however, it's the only freeware that lets you save scores--the finale demo doesn't and neither does sibelius. power tab is good though, but i think notepad has more instruments available...?
if youre:

A) willing to dish out a bit of dough

B) willing to use limewire

Guitar pro 5 is the best out there imo it has the new RSE (real sound engine), so it takes samples of real instrument sounds, SOOOO much better sounding than midi, and its an overall easy to work with and good program imo.
^ I f'ing hate GP, since gp4. Only being able to see one part at a time is a horrible, I say I say, horrible handicap. Admittedly, RSE is nice... but that's about the only thing good about it.

As for notepad vs. PTE. They've got the same instrument selection (whatever sound fonts are installed). If you see fewer instruments in PTE, install notepad on the side, and PTE will grab the new instruments (I think notepad does add some to the system).

If you're just looking for an editor for guitar w/ tab, then PTE or GP5 are probably best, though GP5 isn't really freeware. I don't like some of powertab's limitations (three staves/system, for instance). If you need to score for other instruments, go for one of the big names, Finale or Sibelius. I prefer Finale, personally, and it's definitely worth the money for the full edition.
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umm in not sure about gp4, but gp5 has a multi track view, along with like 4 other views

but dayum RSE is sweet. i mean, wah pedal on a composition program that dosnt sound like utter crap? i dont think you can name 1 other program that has that.