Hey guys, whats up? well thats good.
So I just got the urge to learn swing and funk styles on my guitar and incorporate it into my compositions, and after some searching I came up with very little information, especially on swing. If you guys could give me some tips or links, that would be grand
thank ye kindly
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For funk - 16th note muted strokes over chords. Just do muted 16ths and put in chords wherever you feel. That's a very loose definition.

For Swing - Pretty much just quarter note chords. Again, this is a very basic definition, there are more things incorperated in these styles, but these are some basic overviews of them.
learn djangology by django reinhardt for swing--relatively easy swing jam, as is reinhardt's minor swing. most of his stuff is hard as hell, but really good if you can pull it off.
Swing rhythm actually works like this: Either do it in triplets, tying the first two notes... or instead of playing an eighth note as though it is really an eighth, you play the first as a dotted eighth and the second as a 16th. It gives it this semi-triplet feel, it's wierd.
how is it wierd? its awesome, biatches

jk yeah it shouldnt take too long to get used to tho (swing rythmn), some metronomes have it built in too, so check for that. (if you have one obviuosly)
Try playing swing 16ths as well as swing 8ths. You can do swing 16ths funk grooves for even more fun.
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