Was browsing through the June addition of Guitar Center's Buyers Guide and came across this good-looker:

Sounds decent, decent price tag too!... I doubt anyone has one of these yet if they are new... has anyone played one?
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Not too shabby....they are a guitar center special, but they are pretty nice to play.....but i am a bassist, so i do not count.
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Yeah I know... I guess I am going to have to drive over there and check it out... Floyd, EMG 'designed' pickups... sounds too good to be true.
Ibanez RG321MH - (PAF Joe / FRED)
Vox AC30
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She is mine just no floyd

Pretty sweet looking! I am guessing it doesn't have a problem staying in tune with no trem, but how does it compare to say 1570? How long have you had it, any link to it online?
Ibanez RG321MH - (PAF Joe / FRED)
Vox AC30
the neck on 1570 is thinner but still it is a wizard on mine . I have had it since Dec. With a PUP change it is great. Let me post some sound clips a little later. Damn lawn
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looks nice

"emg designed" lol, pickups with a black cover! YAY!
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i've had the grey one in the smaller picture for a couple weeks now and i think it's pretty sweet for the price. (got mine for $350) it has the edge pro III trem and the pickups sound awesome. all the hardware and the inlays are very high quality considering what i payed for it. granted i'm not very experienced in playing a lot of different guitars so i can't compare to many others but i've had an Ibanez RG470 with a Floyd Rose trem on it since '93 and was surprised that this new one sounds and feels slightly better than the 470. i know some say the Ibanez trems are junk but i've not yet had a problem with the two i've owned. i owned a Jackson KE2 Kelly a couple years back and i can say honestly this new Ibanez is better than that Jackson was. talk about a waste of money...by the way the finish on the pewter Ibanez is a matte finish along with all the hardware, no gloss just to let you know.
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