okay, so..I'm new at tuning my guitar (yeah, feel free to laugh..) I just wanna know how to tune down a 1/2 step....anyone help me please!~ thanks
you know how you tune your low E, fifth fret, with the open A string? well do the same thing but hold the fourth fret instead of the fifth. Then once that is done, tune how you normally would using the fifth fret.
i just had the same problem less than 20 minutes ago and some one showed me that there was an entire thread on this at the top of the guitar & bass basics forum called the ONLY tuning thread
Or, if you have a Korg tuner like I do then you just hit the little "b" button that adds a flat to it. Wham bam!! What the f*ck happened??
Find the right note on the piano.

Doesn't have to be the same octave, but it could help.

Play the piano and the guitar string at the same time.

Tune the guitar to match the piano.

The closer you get to the right note, the longer the reverberations will last.
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