hey guys here is a song i did a few days ago, most of it just came out unrehearsed (meaning vox=bigger pile of crap than usual) but i ended up leaving it like that because it was so just like...natural i guess you could say...the song has a pretty big switch between chorus and verse but i think it somehow fits so thoughts on that would be nice.....definitely listen through the whole song because its got a very different ending, and it's pretty raw and totally right off the top of my head but i had a lot of fun doing it, so i would really appreciate some thoughts on that as well!

thanks for any comments you guys have!

"Home Alone"
The whole thing.



The begginging sounded pretty bad, alot of clipping and stuff, vocals were wavery and off key.

After that, it sounds pretty good, vocals still need some work though.

Umm, with some improvement, maybe a 6/10
It was pretty interesting. It started off pretty weak with the vocals, it kept getting better, so bravo. ^ ^

I actually liked the ending a little bit. It reminded me of how System of a Down has the random ending at the end of Aerials. I think that if everyone had hit their notes a little bit clearer, and you had a variating guitar part, then it would have been a little bit better.

Banana Pancakes are Better Together.
I gave it another listen....and questions arose. Who goes Doo doo loo over and over for 3 mins.

You have potential if u put emotion in ur voice.
You have the same problem as me, Zombie Voice

No matter how hard I try it's just my voice, emotion. I dont know man. I found ways to get into music without it, I'm in a 2-piece band I play acoustic, a friend of mine(girl) sings. and then I'm a rythym guitarist in a rock band. So don't let your lifeless voice get you down. It wasn't really that bad 5.5-6/10
well guys thanks for all the feedback...it was an experiment and by my other experiment's standards i would say it definitely didnt work....im still going to keep it and refine it a bit, i know personally i can make it a hell of a lot better i just figured i would do an "everything in one take" song but i think im gonna clean up my site a bit and take down a few songs that are eating up my MB available...i suppose this will be one till i rehash it....and everything in all of my songs is done by me unless otherwise noted...i never really considered myself having a "zombie voice" though in this song it would seem that way yes? im not really a singer but im giving it a shot........anyways thanks everyone for the honest feedback, i really really appreciate it!