How would you guys say this wah is..
compared to a Dunlop 535Q Crybaby???

(For Metal)
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Ive never tried the dunlop pedal but I used to own a weeping demon and its a very good pedal. I dont play things that require wah, so I gave it to my metal friend who puts it to better use. He traded me his mark tremonti wah.
i love my 535Q. i dont think it goes as extremely high or low but i think its more reliable and less gimmickey but ive never really tried a WD.

its really a versitile pedal, you can mimick a vox's range and sweep. obviously not 100% as it isnt the vox wah, but you can get the same range and it pulls it off well. set it further and you can go to a full out turkey'gobble wah, which sounds sweet really cranked, and wherever between.

pretty much, i love mine, and have a lot of faith in it, a WD doesnt even appeal to me. the only thing is im going to mod mine to make it more vocal and less harsh, and then when thats done i will jizz myself.

for metal it would be awesome.
vox all tha way

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