Just finished pricing the bits and pieces to build mw own 2x12 cab. I had planned to put two celection vintage 30's in but have encountered cost price problems. The best price i could get was $249 ea. Even the eminence spekers were about the same. This means by the time i finish buying the wood, cable, jacks, and coverings for it i am going to be well over the $600 aus mark i had intended on. for $595 i can by a crate4x12 cabinet rated at 100W. Would i be better off to buy one of these cabs and save my project for a later date when funds are more readily available? does anyone know how these cab sound. The model of the one i was looking at was aG412SL/T. They also list a new 2x12 cab(with celestions, not sure which ones) as well,the GT212s, but thats rated at 160w. Would 160w be to much for a combo that puts out only75W. all thoughts and suggestions welcome. By the way if music choice makes a difference, im more of a rock to hard rock man but play all styles.
No you should carry on with your project. The 2x12 with Vintage 30's will sound way better than that crate IMO.
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So has any one used crate cabs before, or heard anything about them. How much differnce sound wise are we talking. Plus ive ****ing broken two fingers at my football training last night so the home made one may be put off for a bit longer. Ive got the cash to spend at the moment, so what i really want to know is would i be wasting 600 bucks on this 4x12 or not.