So...I got super pissed at my pseudo-hippie roommate and wrote this about him.

what do you think?

l know a boy who found himself the secret of life.
He says that nothing matters and he might be right.
But I don?t know
Why he?s so damn sad

He spills his thoughts layin on the couch like a bed
Genius comin out of his infallible head,
Yeah he knows
The way it works

That?s why nothing ever seems to go quite as planned
And everything comes back to him in the end
he?s right on
he?s dead on

love is a rope getting tight round your neck
a goal is a trap just to lure you in
to the farce that is life just a lock and a chain
and culture of rules to the unbearable game.

I don?t give a damn if I?m living a lie
I am who I am and I don?t care why
Wont convince me
Other wise

Stands up like a preacher says there are no rules
And you shouldn?t play the game unless your playin to lose
Then he says
That there?s no truth.

He says do what you want
Unless your not like me
Then your obviously wrong son,
Why cant you see
Just follow the path
I laid right at your feet
Gotta break new ground
Just like me.
UG's number one Speechwriter's groupie.