what effect do i need to use to get the exact same sound as cliff on the "for whom the bell tolls" intro? Ive tried with fuzz,ive tried with wah,ive tried with fuzz and wah,hell ive even tried mixing all of the above with chorus but i just cant get that exact same sound.can someone please help me!!! im ashamed of asking cuz its such a noob question but enough is enough i need to know what to use.
sorry if this has been asked or answerd before and thanks in advance.
JUst wondering how u have ur effects setup?
I have a boss odb-3 running into a crybaby bass. I found if you have it the other way around, the effect is not as good. Also what wah pedal are you using? I have a line6 basspod and the wah on that is appaling, and i always wondered why i could never get the desired effect then.
I hope this is useful information, the song is great on bass, especially if u combine bits of cliff ( the added hammer ons and the bend) the fills of jason (see s&m) and some of robs stuff (he varies it, find some live recordings its pretty good). Sayin that, this is only my opinion.
If this dont help, jus keep askin i'm sure the wise bass players on here will be able to solve the problem.
distortion and overdrive are much different sounding from fuzz, that may be your problem.

also check your order of pedals.

and make sure your wah pedal aint crap, or from a multieffects (most multi effects wah.... leave something to be desired? :p
heh i can get a very very almost identical tone, i have the cheap toneworks by KORG, and i combined the disortion with the WAH and when i play APT it sounds identical and very similar, and magna i have nothing against multi effects, i like single ones better, but multi are still a favorite of mine, since on mine you can program your own sounds, so if im wanting to play APT, i just hit the pedal down or up, and there ya go
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i think actually there is an octave in their. perhaps on the record one of the guitarists (probs hammet) plays the same part but on guitar. hope that helps.


its all cliff. a PD7 can nail the Distortion, and i think he used a morley wah?
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didnt cliff use a big american muff?.... and isnt that a fuzz/sustain pedal?
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Its light distortion and wah, finger style i.e. distortion/overdrive pedal and wah pedal.

what you said plus compression.

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First off id like to say thanks to everybody who posted in this thread,alot of you have been helpful.
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JUst wondering how u have ur effects setup?

i just have a digitech bp80(multi effect pedal)
and about what you said about combining some of cliff,jason and rob's stuff,its funny cuz im actually working on that(cliffs intro from the "cliff 'em all" dvd,jasons fills from S&M(like you said) and robs style is just sick.he adds so much to the song on the live bootlegs that i have,ive been a fan of his for a LONG time from when he was in suicidal tendencies.

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distortion and overdrive are much different sounding from fuzz, that may be your problem.and make sure your wah pedal aint crap

yeah,i only have fuzz on my multi effect pedal.would a pd7 be better?or would it do the job? and as for the wah ill be getting a crybaby in the upcomming weeks.
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