so how can i get that thick juicy saturated van halen brown sound with a vox valvetronix and a les paul with super distortions

the early van halen era sound, im sure you know what i mean.

i hear theyre hotrodded plexi's?

Hahaha, I thought you wanted the noise that makes people crap themselves

I'm sorry, I can't help ya.

But look around the archives forum, someone made a Van Halen Rig a while back.
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his brown sound was a plexi with a variac...you need that sound of saturated power tubes if you want his true sound, EL34's at that...with that amp you could probably get close, but just remember its the indian not the arrow, so if you play real agressive like king ed than you will sound more like him
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Settings thread please.

A place to start would be lots of mids with backed off treble and just enough bass to fatten up the tone on a UK style amp with a 4 x 12 cab and off axis mic (if the valvetronix has all of those parameters.) Add a phaser with the speed set as low as possible with a medium width.


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