50's, 60's, standard, custom...

Im really looking for something with the wideness/thickness of an SG without buying an SG, hehe.

Thanks for the help!
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the 60's necks are thinner, I don't know about customs, but pretty sure there isnt a standard neck, the necks on les paul standards are either 50's or 60s
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I played a standard and the necks feel nice about the same width as an SG although SGs were a tad thinnner.
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50's necks are thicker, more like SG necks, the 60's are slimmer necks.

Go and try a few Gibsons and feel the neck sizes for yourself, that's the only real way.
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I'd agree that the 60s neck is the best, thats only my opinion
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50s and 60s 1st fret to 12 fret have the same thickness, 60s neck have thinner neck as the neck go down

i think

some said 50s have fatter sound and better substain, where as some couldnt hear any difference. for me i know nuts cause im too poor to own both of them