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Zoom G2
5 50%
DigiTech RP50
5 50%
Voters: 10.
i was searching on ebay when i seen two pedals i like now can some1 please tell me which one is better the zoom G2 or the DigiTech RP50 they both have 9 ratings on ug

i have a strat and a unbranded amp

thanx in advance
If I HAD to choose...Id take anything over the Digitech.

BUT I gotta at least tell ya to try to get ahold of a good amp.
I bought a Zoom G7 last month, and the entire G series uses the same ZFX3 chip so the effects quality is essentially the same across the range. If you can afford it, go for the ZOOM G2.1u, as the built in expression pedal and usb recording are worth the extra IMO.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the sound quality is really good and I preferred it to my friend's Digitech, which probably helps more.
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the most i would pay is 75 sorry 4 not saying it and wots imo mean sorri 4 being a thicko
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the most i would pay is 75 sorry 4 not saying it and wots imo mean sorri 4 being a thicko

what the sh1t did you just say? lol

anyways, IMO= In my opinion

soo IMO, the Digitech pedals are horrible. Zoom it is.
the zoom has a drum machine in it, not sure about the digitech.

I actually just got the g2 today along with a vox VR15 which was on sale for half price (the amp) so im still trying to play around with it right now.
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I have a ZOOM 707II, it has a drum machine, tons of effects, but it's quite the pain in the anus to set up. I use it mostly for the tuner That wa roughly $250 CND
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