As you see I'm looking for an acoustic but I honestly don't know how to really recognize a good acoustic. I've been playing a cheap acoustic stagg for 1,5 years now and it's time for something more decent.

I would probably have a budget of about 400 EURO and after some research I saw some interesting Washburns and Ibanez AW's. Anyone some experience with these guitars.

Also I would like to ask if there's alot of difference in playability between a cheap Stagg and other guitars, for example I'm having alot of trouble with barre-chords on my Stagg because the action just seems so high. Will it be different with quality guitars?

Last question, I will go to my local guitar store and ask to play some acoustics, anyone good some good pointers on what I need to pay attention on?

Thanks a bunch yah. (oops sorry, been watching Fargo too many times :p)

I?ve been playing for roughly the same time as you, and I too had the same problem. I'd been playing a really ****ty acoustic and the action was way too high - and I suspect the strings didn't help... Nonetheless, I won't offer you any advice on which guitar to purchase but I will say this - test as many as you can and remember sometimes just buying a new set of strings can really effect your guitars action, and consequentially its playability. I strung some plectrum extra lights on my Cort acoustic after almost purchasing a Maton and wow... what a difference! It is now an absolute charm to play... and I?m around AUS$1200 better off?
Well I already changed the strings on my Stagg a few times and it doesn't really change anything (except for better tone ofcourse).

Anyway, I would love to hear some opinions about how playability is affected by the brand/price-range of the guitar.

Because I've never even played another acoustic then my own ... sounds silly right? Well it is silly!
Click and read this: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/announcement.php?f=27

As you scroll down, you'll read about what makes different types of acoustics have discernable changes in tone and you'll also read about what to look for when trying out a guitar.

After reading and trying these little pointers... come back and give us your answers... or even ask any questions that may not have been answered in that thread. There are a few very intelligent people who frequent this forum and will gladly help you towards the guitar your wanting to buy.