It's Getting OK Now, from their new album and Taiyed from Grassroots


The singing and rapping isn't perfect, but I wouldn't say it's horrible either

Listen all through Taiyed, cool solo at the end

Also cool breakdown on It's Getting OK Now
My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)
nobody commented.......i like them a lot, good quality and playing, vox are pretty decent, definitely on key and everything, really good job sounds like a lot of effort went into these songs!
About time we got some 311 on here.

Those were bad ass!

I wish I had decent recording equipment, I'd put up hella 311 covers.
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awsome, 311 is amazing, ill prbly put up some covers soon, maybe Strong All Along, Used of Time, we'll see, i enjoyed the singing, not hexums voice but still the right notes, great job, we need more 311 on here
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