Hey guys

thanks for all the input in my other thread about the crate blue voodoo.

but i might save up and get a marshall head and a cab

Imgonnna get a jcm900 then, but whats the diff between jcm900 MkIII and SL-X??

which woudl u prefer?

Minsoo s.w.
uh....never heard of a mkIII....

i know the jcm 900's come in dual reverb and sl-x models...

sl-x = more gain

dual reverb = better crunch..closer to a jcm800.
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oo i see

hey and th eMkIII are the jcm900s from 1990-1992, and they're 100 watts

would these go up in value anytime? Im doubting the slx will?
Minsoo s.w.