Hi all,

I own an Ibanez Artcore AK85, if you dont know what the hell im talking about check them out here:


Anyway in the time iv been here i havnt seen ANY threads on archtops/hollow body electrics. WHY? They are awesome, and they look like sex . I personally love my Ibanez, its a dream to play, anyone else share my love?

Or any crits of these guitars would be welcomed, i admit i am bias.

EDIT: feel free to post pics of your gear
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ive definetly been suprised how good ibanez can make jazz boxes, i know a number of good musicians in my area that rely on them, of course most people on this site are more bent towards metal
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actually ive seen a few raves for them jerry. but this section probably gets more shred-ibanez/metal schecter fans.

anyway i think they are the sex as well, good luck.

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yeh i dont like their x-tone series either. im talking esp's that arent available to americans such as the rs
eW, artcore, hate the shape and the make, looks old and grumpy...
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yeh i dont like their x-tone series either. im talking esp's that arent available to americans such as the rs

Hmm....i live in England and iv never seen one. Perhaps you could post a pic?
Hi itried 1 & fell in love plays well above its dollar value (& in my opinion better than plenty, that cost a WHOLE lot more) I had 2 put 1 on Lay-Buy then & there. Well 2 b honest i went home went online & spent 5 days chasing the best deal, thats about as then & there as it gets 4 me these days, saved $212 AUD on the original price i got quoted. The color scheme took me by surprise & i think they r sex on a stick as well.

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^^^ Sweet guitar... I love those too.
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cmon you had to bring back a dead thread. i guess its alright since its only 1 month since last reply but you could of had created a new thread /end rant. ps thats a nice guitar with the colour contrast
I'm getting the artcore bass when I've got the cash. Semis are great.
do you miss it? cos im still waiting for mine to arrive but considering selling to fund another pedal
Well while we're on the topic of Ibanez' lesser known guitars...

I've been wanting the AR300BS or AR300HS myself... The only deterrent is the fact the body is made out of mahogany... Buh.
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I bought one this thursday and played it so much that i've had about 3 hours of sleep since

I tried out a couple because i keep reading so many good reviews on Ibanez hollow bodies. I can't remember the types i tried but they were all pretty good. Even the cheapest one he had, which was 350 euros, didn't feel or sound like a cheapo guitar at all and i was amazed by the general quality of these Artcores.

Eventually i bought the semi-hollow AS-83. It was pretty cheap as well (450 euros; less than $500) and for that you get a very decent, versatile guitar that sounds very warm and creamy through a good tube amp but also sounds good when overdriven, has a pretty fast neck and looks fantastic. That's one more thing i noticed about the Artcores: they all have flawless finishes and bindings.

This is my AS-83: