Im looking for a good guitar amp that i will mainly be using to play death metal and thrash.
I dont really have any plans to play live, but i wouldnt mind to have a amp that i can use to jam with a band.

I dont plan to spend more then $2100(AUS) on a amp.

So far i am thinking of buying this:

Marshall TSL602


Do you think this is a amp that would suite my type of music and situation?

Please help.

i'm not sure about the conversion rate, but i saw that a mexican strat was 999, and, i'm pretty sure even at a pretty high/low w/e u wanna call it conversion rate that's really high, it's 300 somethin in the u.s., dude, order the amp from the u.s., you'll save even with shipping i bet, but again, i'm not sure bout the conversion rate
2100 Australian is $1500 US, 1200 Euros and £840
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The Peavey XXX would probably work fine too. As would maybe a Laney GH50L?
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Any amp with a fat bass sound and clear. Go for a tube if you can.
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Are you guys talking about the combo , not the head right?

This one :


If you don't want a head+cab, then the combo will do fine. In your price range, it's a really good choice, especially for heavier styles of metal. It has a very dark, thick tone, and a ton of distortion.
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My "local" store is unable to get one of these for me.
So i have to order this from another state in australia, which will cost me a few extra dollars.

But the place where i might be getting it from says it will cost $3000 Aussie dollars, do you think that is too much?

Either way, i wat to get some effects as well. I want to try and emulate the sounds that say In Flames and Death use. What is a great effects device to choose for my taste in music?

well if your playing solos then james murphy from death uses a harmoniser. I think the only stompbox type harmoniser is the whammy pedal, other than that it is just rack mounted effects.

Ever hear heard james murphy's solos on the foreign objects re-release? badass.
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