The Machine :-


a coincidence that freepower also has a heavy industrial track! i hope people find it almost as headbanging as his

critisms please
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that means a lot thanks!

i got some drum samples overhauled the EQ settings then distorted them. sounds like stuff being smashed methinks. some people wouldnt appreciate it though hehe
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very cool percussion that starts it off.

Guitar comes in........riff is damn catchy, tone is very decent.

the lead that comes in.......wow, trippy as hell, that's a crazy effect you have there.

little break in the riff at :59 is cool, a good change of pace, but I'd like to see that expanded on a bit.

I think that main riff gets a bit repetitive after a while, but that's probably just me.

4:05 sounds like a whole new song, sounds great, squeals in between the riff are awesome.

After, you bring the main riff back in, and it's a great little climactic point in the song.

This was great, very unique, quality was impressive, nice job!
this sounds ****ing sweet as hell. It reminds me of rammstein with the repeating catchy as hell main riff. I wish it had more power behind the riff, but its good as far as tone goes, but i wish it had more power behind, maybe if u turned up the guitars a bit and double recorded the riff on seperate tracks and panned each on left and right, or maybe u did that already, i can't tell. w/e that was a minor comment. You should add some badass vocals on that main riff as a verse or something. Either way, good stuff.