Hello all, first time poster here and beginner with a classical guitar.

I have this guitar.

Feel free to comment on the guitar if you wish.

Now, what I would like help with is this:

Is the classical guitar played with a plectrum?

Is the style of song played on the classical different to the folk or a steel string guitar?
Hey, first time post as well but been playing for ages.

Yeah the guitar looks fine, don't worry too much about it if your a beginner.

The classical guitar is not played with a plectrum (that's not to say you can't). You play mostly with your thumb and first three fingers (pinky is usually reserved for special techniques). Predominantly, the type of music is classical or spanish, and not so much strumming chords so not much like a regular steel string guitar. The best thing to do is get a book or something, and learn the proper playing and hand positions which are much different from other styles, and something that will save you a lot of trouble as you move into harder pieces, which require usually strict form to achieve the necessary speed and correctness.
Thats very helpful thanks.

Iam just having a look for a simple song to start with using the information you have given me.
Use your fingers and preferably grow your nails out and use those. Look for songs by Fernando Sor, which are often pretty easy.
Is it normal for a new guitar to go out of tune quite fast?

Ive looked up Fernando Sor but there are so many! I shall pick one and then try and find a clip of it so I know how it should be done
The strings are what are going out of tune not the guitar, which is normal for new strings. And finding a clip of the song will help because you can check if you're playing it right esp. the rhythm.
Thanks for that.

I havnt been able to find any clips of Fernando Sor except for one that I couldnt find the music for!

I have been looking at one called Romanza which I have found clips and music for. Thats going OK but obviously I dont have the speed yet.

(edit: spelt the song name incorrectly)
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Does anybody know of any other songs with clips I could maybe start on?

Romanza has gone well but I struggle when the bar chord style comes in. It is getting easier though.
Some book scome with CDs, so if you fin d one like that with songs at the level you want that would be helpful/
There's some good books out there,

Look for the 'absolute begginers' series, it will definetely help you out and teach you some music theory along the way.

you should try a song called classical gas by eric clapton, there tons of his song about
You idiot, you think he'll be able to play Classical Gas as a beginner?
do you absolutely have to have nails for classical / finger picking?

I play the piano, violin... basketball and I work as a software engineer, long nails is impossible for me =P