Hey guys,

I'm looking at new amps and things. It's definately an investment for the future as I'm willing to pay god money, and intend to use it for a good while. I was looking at amps with tight bass response, dark-ish sounding, with useable cleans, for melodic punk and hardcore, with the occasional dabbling in the lighter side of metal.

I was suggested amps such as the Peavey XXX and the Laney TT50, all amps that I'm dying to try and, if y'all are to be trusted, should sound great.

Just for interest's sake, and so as I'm not missing out on anything... I want you rack-users to try and persuade me why I should use a rack and not a standard head/ab setup...

Then suggest me a lil'rack - no effects needed right now - just pre and power amp without cab - for a budget of around £600-800 (about $1000-1500)

racks = good because you get a lot more options. for example most rack power amps are 2 channels. so it's like having 2 power amps in one. you can have several pre amps and power amps all hooked up and midi switchable. reall the main thing with racks is the flexibility it alows you. like for say you get a good power amp, and a decent pre. well you can always get a better pre amp right? insted of in a head, you pretty much gotta sell the thing to afford an up grade.

thing is, they're hella expensive, you wont find much under fifteen hundred.
best i can think of right now for under a grand would be an ENGL e530 pre and a mesa recto 50:50 (used).
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