Hello there, intrepid readers.

I've spent the past month honing up my appalling if somewhat innovative Lead Guitar skills, and coming up with guitar solos. Today i tried recording them over the backing, to see whether or not they soar above the rhythm section like they should. Below is a link top one of these recordings.

I've never considered myself a lead guitarist, as I am foremost a singer and rhthm player, but I don't like playing with other guitarists as they typically move in different musical directions to mine. That said, it's nice to be a musical jack of trades, especially as I'm doing music next year.

Plus of course, my new group is about to take off, so I need to polish up the old tunes a bit. This song is called "Skeletal Remnants" and it's somewhere between the Misfits (topic) The New York Dolls (guitar-wise) and the Buzzcocks (vocally)

Now, it's a drum loop with rhythm guitar, and over that is the solo. It's a bit hissy and low quality, and there's a bit of latency too, but I was in a rush. I used a squier jagmaster through a mg15cdr into Audacity using the ine out on the amp.

I'm posting it because I want some decent technical guitarists to assess the short 30 second clip. I think that the melody is good, and the solo is good itself, but they actual playing is a bit sloppy, and some of the notes could be done much better if some of them were held longer or something, I dunno.

So, if y'all would care to suggest improvements, general comments etc, I would be most grateful.

Am I, as I have been described as my so-called best friend "Jimmy Page's retarded bastard son"?

Crit for crit and all that punk rock, y'know.

EDIT: forgot to add the link:


http://johnnyskull****.dmusic.com > you'll need to type in the f word if you go that way coz of the filter
that solo was ok. not appaling or innovative. IT takes more than a month to become a decent lead player. 5/10
tone was slightly less than average, no real body and mostly all high crunch. it might sound better (actually, pretty passable) if fuller, meatier, heavier, <insert adjective for thicker here> sounding rhythm guitars were behind it. the drums, obviously fake but hey whatever gets the job done, i know how that goes. and i can see where the latency is, maybe just shift the tracks over sometime. the solo itself...well the fact that it lagged behind the rhythm really doesn't help, but nothing too flashy or innovative as danilo19 said. i get the feel that this solo is very "boxy" (works inside a simple box scale). also, some of the bends are off, work on the accuracy of those. overall not too bad, but definitely needs work in terms of lead guitar.
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