Who ever is reading this, i ask what would be a good song to play for your girlfriend? I mean like what song would be good to tell her that you love her?
you're beautiful by James Blunt? I hate James Blunt personally...but what better love song? The title explains it all.
It's not really what you're asking for, but something you've written yourself will mean the most to her.
coldplay - the scientist, yellow, green eyes (if hers are)
howie day - collide
oasis - wonderwall

I know I have more but I can't think of them

play something she likes
write her a song
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There's a band called tool?

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they love anything that involves continuously holding down


they do it in wonderwall, Nine Days has a lot of songs with it, the boyband style groups do it alot like bbmak - but basically you can just pick any soft lovey chord song you want, never take your fingers off those strings and it will sound nice and sweet and stuff.
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Living Rooms by Revis. Its a really great acoustic opening. The chorus is distorted but don't worry, that doesn't stop a lot of people. You could never go wrong with something you've written.
If the guys were to really sing what they were thinking I think it would be more along the lines of some Jimmy Buffett. LETS GET DRUNK AND SCREW
oops, my bad :P , seriously, especially if she's never heard it before though, there's a jim croce song (folk stuff, but its a nice song) the chorus goes "many times i tried to tell you, but the words just came out wrong, so i have to say i love you in a song" i straight up had a chic crying when i played this for her, good luck to ya man ,and btw don't tell her straight off the bat, just be like...... "hey i got this song i learned i think you might like it" and when you do the chorus look her in the eyes, if anything'll work this will! play playa play!!!!!