I need one that is younger, to sing a long with Practice Singing. The reason i want younger is because I dont really want to be singing John Mayer, or anything like that, because for 1 he's a little out of my years and 2 I could never sing like him. I need someone younger than DM and Jack Johnson. I dont know a good rythym song to sing a long too. Hope that made sense

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donavan frankenreiter? (sp)

er dispatch
maybe some dylan
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You could try some stuff by Lifehouse. That dude has a little deeper voice than John Mayer and would make it easier on the voice box. Don't know what style of music you are looking for other than younger dudes.
My opinion, but I think that you should try and sing the John Mayer or the Jack Johnson stuff. It might stretch your vocal range so that you could hit the notes more profoundly. And if you can't go so high/low, then you can just go an octave higher/lower.

I don't really know any simpler or younger voices that I listen to, but maybe you could try some easy theatrical songs to build up your voice. 'Chicago' has the song 'Mister Cellophane' that might be good. 'Les Miserables' also have some good songs that might not be too hard.

I don't really know what you're looking for I guess. ^ ^;;
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donavan frankenreiter? (sp)

er dispatch
maybe some dylan

ah donavan, an excellent guitar player and a very good surfer!
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Teddy Geiger or Howie Day

teddy geiger, hes so talented he can play so many instruments, i have so much respect for that guy.
I don't really understand what kind of singer you are trying to emulatre, but you might want to check out Bayside's acoustic stuff. I like them a lot. (Don't hate the emo acoustic music :P)

Or maybe check out Foo Fighters acoustic stuff.
I second the nomination for Howie Day. Easy stuff, sounds nice, and just plain good chillax music
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