hey all new to ultimate guitar,i was wondering could anyone give me any tips on creating riffs songs etc.,we're playing rock at the moment and it's mainly chords,nothing out of this world. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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well i started a band last year i have two now but i can tell you this much
i have friends with bands and i let them see my note book full of our songs and they stole it! screw them they suck!!! they stole our best song and now i can't even remember what its called! you suck hannah you suck you suck you suck and you live in tahity wich makes you suck even more!!!
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jamming with the band works

yea jamming with the band does work. all my bands best songs came from us jamming out at 4:30 at night when we where bored
Make sure you practice the chord progressions and keys so you know where to put the notes, got a lot of good lessons on the site, and when you feel inspired sit down and play it dont let the riff in your head get away from ya.
having everyone know basic music stuff works great, that way you can communicate as to whats going on, even a simple understanding of the most basic of theory would be helpful too, i went to audition for a band last night and they had a killer demo cd, then i got in there and he was like "just jam" so he started playing random notes in no particular order didn't communicate much at all and in the end it just SUCKED..... so just jamming is good but only if you can communicate basic principles.
Teach the other band members what a scale is, chords other than fifth chords, time signitures, and other very basic music theory that they shoul've learned a few months after they started playing. Unless you luckily found some people that don't just play covers and have actual learned the fundamentals of music composition.
Have the drummer start a random beat, then improvise a rhythm part. Keep adding and changing [arts in the riff until u like it. That's what I do. I will start out with something really simple then just build on it. But it is a lot easier when the drums are the first part.
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Just let everyone callaborate, don't try to write a song in one rehersal. I might suggest working on some covers just to get a feel for playing together and in time first. Most great songs come with time, and great ideas. Also copyright everything, use the poor mans copyright on basically everything, it'll cost a few bucks maybe but it's definately gonna be worth it if someone ever steals your music.
There is also the 'do-it-yourself' method if your other members suck balls. I usualy make a tune on piano and use software to edit it when desired then patch some drum loop on top.

For drums: stick to 4/4 when starting

For riffs:
- Try not using only chords, add single notes between chords.
- find different ways to play the chord (inversions)

For writing solo:
- Remember that your solo must always return to tonic or dominant note where you feel the music should "rest" so it dosn't sound like it just drags along

For bass:
- Usually plays harmony (play root note of chord)