Poll: Bass or Guitar?
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I prefer Bass.
9 24%
I prefer Guitar.
15 39%
I like them both equally.
6 16%
Sometimes I prefer Guitar, but sometimes I prefer Bass.
8 21%
Voters: 38.
For those of you that play both, Which instrument do you prefer more? This also includes, Contra Basses, Classical Guitars, ect.

I prefer playing bass. It may just be because I just started a month ago, but it's so fun with all the cool techniques you can do.
I'm instrumentally confused.

The bass appeals to me because I love the low end sound and I feel that I'm more inventive with it. However, as a bassist I'd rarely get to show off my chops, and I can rip a good guitar solo every now and then.

I still like bass better though, and I'm not entirely sure why.
I started on bass and I would still say I'm probably a better bassist but I haven't really played for a good year because once you get to a certain skill level, (not necessarily advanced) the guitar is genuinely expressive, and the subtle nuances of playing are wasted on even the best bass guitar. The other main factor in me saying guitar is it is a lot easier to play unaccompanied on guitar than bass and I find it a lot more pleasing to listen to solo guitar than solo bass. I also prefer the timbre of a high quality electric guitar and it has a greater range. So guitar all the way.
I find a bass to be really fun to play, and its nice to hear yourself to play because you can play some cool stuff without being advanced. But I only practise on guitar and I love what you can do with it.

I like 'em both.

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Rofl, close this

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Guitar all the way!

But I still respect the Bass.
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close this maybe no offense or anything hard dude trust me i have nothing against you =)

but close it lol
I like guitar most because of the challenge. I'm actualy better at bass, but my fingers arent big enough to play it yet and I dont like how its extremely low. Its got blaaalalaaa sound to it that i don't like.
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what about bass guitar?!?!

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Anyways, Both are really fun.