Anyone know where I can get parts that are on Gibsons Angus Young SG model. I'm mainly looking for the full SG pickgaurd but possibly the vibrola tailpiece and the ABR bridge
Good luck finding the tailpiece. As for the pickguard, Terrapin Pickguards make SG pickguards. But you might have to send them a tracing of your guitar so they can make one to the right measurements.
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Yeah, it's a lyre vibrola, they are ard to come by nowadays in good condition. Have fun.
Thanks Guys. Def gonna be a challenge. Ill have to post some pics when im done.

Here you go, the vibrolas! They have them in nickel and gold, but they're not engraved. You can probably find a local place that will put your name on it or something. They also have the short version in nickel, like on the jimi hendrix V.

Also his sig has his signature bucker in the bridge and a 57 classic in the neck. I heard he doesn't use his sig bucker and just puts 57 classics for both positions but you be the judge.