I went to guitar center and triend out a Gibson LP Standard but I didnt have time to try out the LP Custom but I will soon. I wanna know whats the difference between the two. Sound? Feel? Wood?etc. Is the custom worth the xtra 1000 or so?
The custom is worth the extra 1,000$ or so. That is, if you have [or could have] the money to spend.
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i think it looks better, more binding, different inlays. headstock inlays, 57 pro buckers rather than stock. i dunno,
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for that kind of money wouldnt a prs be better.tremolo,locking tuners,isnt the prs more for the money?I just dont get the whole $2500. for a gibson. is it just the name?
^ a lot of it is. But it's definitely not all the name. The name came from somewhere, and while I'd take a PRS over a gibson anyday, they're far from shabby.
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