I'm going to be doing a tryout soon and I need a song that will show off my skill with a guitar. I've been playing almost 2 years now, and I'm thinking of going with something a bit bluesy, with a tiny bit of distortion, but I'm not sure what to do. I need a song that is fun to play, and will be somewhat challenging for me as well, preferrably while showing off a few techniques. Any suggestions?
Some Satch?
I will show you something different from either
Your shadow in the morning striding behind you
Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you
I will show you fear in a handful of dust
Johnny B. Goode.

Who doesn't know that one?

I bust it out whenever I can. I do the walk thingy too.
Any Zeppelin solo would do.
Ohhh...My head hurts...

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what are you trying out for? a lot depends on that...

It's just for a camp, so it doesn't really matter what type of music it is as long as it demonstrates my skill and i'm willing to play it.
stairway to heaven!!!!

just kidding

maybe some clapton??

or rush...but tis not that bluesy
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i say play srv pride and joy or the sky is cryin or his version of little wing or los lonely boys seniorita
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or couldn't stand the weather by srv. stairway to heaven is a great one to do. little wing by hendrix or srv is a good song to play.
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Cannon in D, Proper Classical stuff through a clean amp or Cannon in C by Satriani, good thing about classical is for starters it is tasteful and allows the showing of various chordal voicings, various scales, different techniques such as arpegios leggato and sweep and everyone has heard certain classical tracks despite the fact they cant name them, everyone would have heard Cannon in D. The clean backdrop as opposed to distortion is good as the distortion will not mask any mistakes you make so if play correctly will showcase your skills far better than somethink which has been saturated!! Finnaly it will give the impression of a virtuso, someone who can actually play their instrument and has a good knowledge of using it effectively. Dependant on the audience it may also show sophistication and diversity which is good as its no good playin blues to metal heads, everyone appreciates classical music.

Take this advice, play a classical piece but if you dont, learn the above mentioned, it will be good for your chops and is a great learning curve,

Good luck mate!!
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Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm going to try out Cannon in D Major and The Sky is Crying by SRV and see which one works out better for me. So far I'm liking Cannon because it sounds great with the equipment that I have right now and also because it's classical, and I find that it's easier to put my own style into classical music.