i have been playing the steel string guitar for a year now and i got a electric for christmas, however recently im kinda hooked on the spanish guitar music. its so soothing and well i was wondering how much would one cost ( bearing in mind im a beginner as i have no idea how to play the classical) . Also i went on this website http://www.classicalguitar.co.uk/ and it said full size models or flamenco models. well whats the difference between the two? is there a major difference? im lost plz help thanks ppl
erm can someone who has the slightest bit of time to spare pls help me. pls pls pls. ok im goin to bed. night all x
Not to sound like a dick, but flamenco guitars are for flamenco music. I think what you mean by soothing spanish music is classical guitar, which would be the full-size one. Classical guitar is more fingerpicking while flamenco has more chords/rasguedo. Cost shouldn't be hard to figure out just go to a store/website.

This thread was just started about flamenco. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=364865
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Flamenco guitars are of lighter construction and have a lower action (lower height of strings above fretboard). There are some typical flamenco techniques, like rasguedo, but also flamenco has its own 'groove' which is unique. I think that is mentioned in the thread linked to by morgzilla.

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