I've just seen these on ebay:

Aren't they great? I'm going to get one (once the bridge on my Parker is fixed!!)
In all honesty.. the picture with it actually on a guitar and being played, looks pretty stupid. I guess they could look cool in some situations. Oh well different strokes for different folks.
Lol whats next... cathodes in the neck?
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That's just wrong...
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the red one is cool, but the other one is way too bright
i would say a very dark blue one would look cool as long as its not too bright
playing live is about showmanship go for it. Im patenting an idea to have the fret markers light up in either patterns or activated by completeing a circuit via the fret wires and the strings so they follow your hand up and down the neck.
What happened to duct tape?!
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i thought we moved on from glam rock?!?! seriously that looks like something poison would wear.
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