well... not really my thing. I thought that it just kind of was all about speed and didn't really give the listener any room to breathe.
^Its supposed to be that fast

Its was pretty good, I like it. i would completly crit it but Im tired.

7.5/10 for some parts, I love the bars of 18-22 i think it was 22 something like that.
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Well it isnt hard to bend a string that has the tension of a piece of well cooked spaghetti, especially when you have hands like goalkeeper gloves

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well first of all, i always look forward to seeing your stuff on here (cutthroat kicks ass). As for this one, i don't really like it until like measure 18 when it finds a groove. i guess i'm just not into sporadic and random notes. i also liked measure 31..just because that effect sounds really cool for being a midi. all in all i think pretty much all of your previous work has been better than this one. it would sound alot better if it weren't powertab(it can barely keep up) i'm sure. but keep writing us some death metal, it's nice to have it around, especially by someone who knows what he's doing.

now if you would do me a favor and crit mine: not death metal
Generally pretty good, its ungodly fast lol. Bars 64 til the end i loved. Reminded me a bit of a riff in the art of shred. Id love to hear this with some drums, possbily some keyboards in the background.
no orchestral intro? im dissapointed

just kidding

i like the main theme, the eastern vibe is cool without being too blatant
Youtube covers

That was cool... 8/10

And yeah that was insanely fast

Kudos to anyone that can play it...