I've been playing guitar for a while now, yet I still cant seem to figure out what this means, I feel like it may be hindering me since I see it often. Anyhoo... heres what Im talking about. (12) I often see one single number by it's self in parenthiseis or whatever they are called. I have no clue what Im supposed to do when I see that. Also sometimes I'll see something like this (12)9. I thought I read in a tablature book that it means you strike one note and hammer on back and forth each of them still doesnt make alot of since to me.

And since I brought these up I figure I'd ask some questions about bends also. How does one tell the difference between bending a half step and a whole step. Often in tablature you see something like 4b1/2 or something like that. How do I know how far to bend it? How far is to far, or how far isnt far enough? You get the point, anyone care to help me out here?
Some Time (12) will Mean U Have To Play HArmonics on The 12th Fret. About The Bends I dont Know!
I do believe notes in brackets are ghost notes. They are added as accents to the riff, or chord preogression, they could also be harmonics. Take a listen to the song you are learning to play, and see the difference it makes by adding the ghost note in, or not using the ghost notes at all, sometimes its rarely makes a difference, but it can sometimes add a little flair to the part.

half bends is like bending the note up a fret, a full bend would be a whoel step up (which is a full 2 frets). What you are tryign to do is mimic the next note higher up in the neck when you bend. How do you know how far to bend? listen to the notes you are tryign to reach, youll hear the difference, if you dont, then you need to work at it until you do. for half bends, bend it up a bit, then play the fret right next to the one you are bending on, match them. For ufll bends, do the same thing, but reference with the note 2 frets away. HOpe that helps. good luck

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Ghost notes, my man.

They're barely there, like ghosts. You just kind of touch them. Or maybe not.

It's basically something you can play if you want to, but don't have to. If that makes sense. >_>
Yes, ghost notes. However, depending on the tabber, numbers in parentheses can mean different things. You'll have to pay attention to the legend to figure that out.
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Yes but most likely ghost notes. UG needs to make a universal legend that every tab has to follow. Would make things much easiesr.
^ They have a tablature template for when you're writing tabs, but not many people seem to use it.
D E N V E R B R O N C O S vs. S E A T T L E S E A H A W K S
Thanks all for the info on ghost notes. First I've heard of it. Useful thread.
Yeah probably like optional notes
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