does playing in drop d or whatever hinder what you can do with the guitar? obv. the E string is now D and u cant play certain open chords, but other than is it a big deal? cuz its certainly easier to riff on, and i dont know if i should play in that mostly or standard. the only reason to go with D is its just easier, so should i stay away from it?
i use D mostly...thats just me
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it all depends on what you playing (style wise) alot of metal uses drop d and i think some blues, could be wrong though, the great thing about guitar, especially electric, is that it's so versitle and you can make it your own, theres really no wrong way to play it, if you think it's easier then go for it, it will make your original songs more diverse
hope that helped
drop d is great... easy to tune to, and easy to play it in no way hinders your guitar other than you lose what would be 2 more notes on the top of the bottom string but who cares you can use the a or some other string. i like it alot but for some reason i usually write in standard....who knows why
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its not really any easier, it just opens up more possibilities for different riffs and such. use both i think they both have good reasons to use them. but regular tuning is pretty much a must if you want to learn theory and stuff.
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i personaly dont like drop tuning, but in some cases its necessary, but thats besides the point...it shouldn't be a problem....its just a two fret streatch(sp?)...and depending on the chord you can skip out on the E string all together...
Drop D isn't only for metal. Dear Prudence by The Beatles is played in it...
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