I pre-ordered the jam lab because i was short on cash. But when it cam it didnt have the whole tracking and overdubbing and mixing type program. So right now it just downloads clips and all you can do with them is send them via e-mail. I've been wondering if there is a program that is just the mixer type thing where i can put multiple tracks together to make a song/multiple songs?
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yeah cubase se or pro tools but pro tools is dear and requires other things like special soundcards cubase is good for messin around on if you have the right sound card
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if you are short on cash i would recomend you start with a free recording program. two ones i know of are audacity and reaper. i use audacity and it works well enough, but ive never tried reaper (its sitting on my desktop tho). starting with a free program will let you know what you want when you start looking to spend some money, and the good programs are expensive so you better know what you are doing.