I've been playing for almost 2 years now and i am deffinitley to the point where i want to start making my own basslines and riffs. I want to know bassically how to take a scale, such as the major or minor pentatonic, and make very simple bassilines out of it that i can use to jam with friends. I've been trying to improvise off of simples scales like these but i haven't had a lot of luck. So if anyone could give me tips, online lessons to learn from or point me towards some helpful music thoery i could learn that would be awesome.
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2 years and you don't know any chord progression theory?

i think ur taking the wrong approach to making basslines. there's essentialy two starting points, melody or chords. but since we're bass players we generally stick to chords, or chord progressions. dependign on what key you're in, you will construct a progression based on it, that will suit ur music. there is no 1 way to create progressions. its ur choice depending on how you want your music to sound.

from ur chord progression, you will choose waht scales to play over it. for example lets say you're in key of A minor (C major), and your progessions goes A, F, C, G. since ur in A minor, the scales you will use respectively might be... A minor pentatonic, F major, C major pentatonic, and G something rather i forget, so really ur progession is Am, F, C, G, the most common progression in all of rock.

and just like that, you hav something all ur friends can rock too. the progression is teh foundation to improv jams. as a bass player, even tho we don't use chords, we still need full understanding of how chords work, so we know what our array of notes are.

lastly, UG has lots of guest columns and lessons on chord progressions and song writing, even tho they're guitar oriented, it still largely applies to bass players.