Whats wrong with Jade Puget's (AFI) left pinky finger on the cover of this months guitar world magazine (August 2006). It looks broken or something
^that was lame, shut up.

i havnt seen the cover yet, but thats weird that it looks broken!

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Is that the one that had a Beatles song and nothing else any good in it or did a new one come out? I'll have to go get it if it's new.
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Jade is probably gripping the guitar pretty hard(I have the magazine).

I really idolize(sp?) Jade Puget and Tom DeLonge. And with them two on the cover makes everything cooler.
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My pinky is a little similar to what I see on the cover. It was broken when I was little and it hasn't set quite right, so it doesn't stay straight like my other fingers. I'm assuming something similar is up with him, but I can't see his hand too well.