I really LOVE slow metal, but i dont know much. What do you think the best is? Songs or band names, doesnt matter. The best song i know is "Hollow" by Pantera, but i want mooooorrrrreeee! please help
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Loch Ness by Judas Priest. Amazing song.
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...And Justice For All by Metallica
it is a really slow cd, picks up a little and then slows down. i bet you'd like it.
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a lot of Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Sheavy
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Recently my friend burned me some songs by a band called Riverside they're progressive (slow) metal, Reality Dream I,II, and III are all pretty good songs if you need something to get you started
although they primarily play hard rock and grunge, Soungarden's "Slaves and Bulldozers" is my favorite slow metal song. Chris Cornell really screams his pipes off.

In fact, check out that whole album, Badmotorfinger, although released during the height of grunge, it's full of metal influences (mostly Sabbath) and undertones.
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You are thinking ballads. And Rec Thread mo'****aa
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I say rec thread, baby.
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