Right now i have a "limited edition" squier strat thats black with the mirror pickguard, its about two years old and its pretty beaten up.

EDIT: theres no body damage, the gloss is just scratched up.

I want to make it into a decent strat (new pickups, bridge, neck) and im wondering if the body would be fine to work off of (decent wood, integrity, etc...)

I would sand down and repaint the body also.

please give me some feedback and tips on this.

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it depends really, with squier i feel like its a lucky dip as to whether you get decent wood or not. I did something similar with my squier and now its a pretty decent backup guitar. If you start off with some simple stuff, this could bcome a nice learner guitar for you to gain experience on in modding and building etc.
I had a Squier Strat body that was pretty nice, 3 pc alder. Theres a large margin of variation. Take out the neck and see if the wood is any good.
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Right so it shodu lbe made of decent wood, and if the neck has no horrible fret wear and is level and everything tehn keep it. Pup and electronics change is a definate.

reranch.com there's a good painting tutorial there read up on that.

A bridge is hard to replace unless you want to re-route it or go with a 6 point trem, because squier uses absolutely wacky spacign dimensions on theri studs, and if your lazy like me, then I'd just keep the bridge. A set of locking tuers will help, with your tuning. And post some pics. I want to see the patient
I've played that exact guitar extensively. The absolute first thing that has to go on those Squiers is the nut. Get a quality graphite or bone piece in there and have it filed properly. Then a quick fret level and dress (nothing major), replace the tuners, and change the bridge pickup. If all those things are done PROPERLY, I think you'll be amaized how well the guitar will play.
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Thanks for the input guys.

added pics to first post.

I wanted to make it a hardtail strat because i really dont use the tremolo and its kinda cheezy on here.

I also wanted the new neck for better playability and the older fender headstock. well not really older but the other, slimmer version.
Hm, jfyi that headstock on teh squier in the older 70s (I think) version. So really yo uwant the newer headstock version ( I think).

But the thing is, Squier necks are thinner then Fender necks, they were made for beginners with smaller fingers, so they made the radius smaller to accomodate it. And if yo ujsut want a hard tail, you can either block off the trem or buy a hardtail and screw it in after oy fill in the holes for the studs.
Am I the only one who noticed the knob? Please explain.
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Yeah the pickguard (right by the tone knob) is an unfortunate late night accident. it was pitch black and i misstepped....backwards...and it just so happened that my strat was right behind me.

EDIT: Would there even be a sound quality difference with a new neck?
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ok so i finally started sanding today...i need to know how deep to go and if i just keep on sanding, theres still clear coat crap on there.

HSH on a squire?? ok.....

Hey, gotta start somewhere...

Ohhhh yeahhhhhhh

Done for the night

Does anybody know what kinda wood this is? its really dark, i dont know if its the stain..or if its stained...but it looks pretty fancy...

your probably not down to the wood yet....fender loves to punish those of us that try to strip off the black finish. i had to take a heat gun to my MIM pbass and then sand.

and as for the wood...probably alder with some sort of cap on it
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Quote by Evan50150
your probably not down to the wood yet....fender loves to punish those of us that try to strip off the black finish. i had to take a heat gun to my MIM pbass and then sand.

and as for the wood...probably alder with some sort of cap on it

Yeah I'd do the heatgun/sander thing, works really well and is quick!
hang on, its routed HSH, but it had SSS in it?! crazy.
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Yeah, Squier and Fender does that to all of their guitars nowadays, it's either h-s-h or swimming pool route.

You need to sadn a lot more btw, squier uses really thick finishes so they don't break easy I guess. But the finish is probably abot 5mm thick is not more so get sanding
yeah man, its gonna take you a while. unfortunately the heat gun wont really help you now, the heat gun just gets the paint off and some of the undercoat, the rest you have to sand off anyway

and if my memory serves me, all fenders except the MIAs are routed universally now, so they can run one batch of body blanks for any series
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ok thanks guys im gonna go sand some more pretty soon.

as for the HSH routing...this it two years old was the routing decision a recent thing or what?
not really. im not sure exactly when it started but it was basically a little corner that they could cut without a lot of people noticing. i kinda like the idea, it gives you more options for upgrades. i had an idea to take a strat and get three different pickguards made, one for a single hb, one HH and one ssh and put a sort of plug on the input jack wires so that i could use all three interchangably
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Looking better now! god work, remember to move on to the other painted parts once u see wood, well the hazy sealer coat... That's perfect to paint over of you're not going natural...

i was just going to paint over before but now that ive seen the wood, i might go natural.

also should i just keep on sanding with..probably about 80 through the hazy clear coat to get down to the wood?
no, not 80.. but have u seen the wood in the contours yet? i have a feeling it's block there... and doesn't look very attractive... on alot of these squires (as with mine) there's an alder laminate on top to make it look nice there, for some reason, and the contours u can see the body wood.... just make sure... if u want to take off the thick sealer, then use 100 or 150..

then when thats thin, move to 240 or something... you will need to re seal again if u take this coat off, but the factory sealer isnt very aesthetically pleasing as u can see...

wow. im....defitely confused.

im pretty sure my body is a regular strat body (which explains the HSH routing i guess)

but i sanded the whole front down (im leaving the sides black) and it is all one piece of wood with a penciled (sp?) in arrow pointing to a blemish.

ill have pics up in about 5 mins.
ah ok... interesting.. mine is some weird HHH routing... just think they couldn't be arsed when doing it...

So yea, if you like the wood and think it looks quality enough, take of they're thick sealer... and re-seal with something nice...

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ah ok... intesting.. mine is some weird HHH routing... just think they couldn't be arsed whan doing it...

I think it's some kind of swimming pool route... with... an extra piece of wood. haha. But, (as Evan50150 said) most of Fender/Squire's guitars are now the swimming pool route.
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Dookie, I'm sorry but your grammar is horrible

on another note, you can easily get by with 80 or even 60 grit sandpaper when your stripping that sealer. I'd just move up to abour 240/400 when you start getting through that layer and sand the wood.
that's not very nice... i usually pride myself on my grammar... 'tis usually alot better than most peoples'...

anywho, sorry... i must have been tired... and yes, what you advised is what i had advised...