Anyways, just wrote this today, some weird parts in it definitely, but oh well. Tell me what you think of it. It's kind of not in great order right now, the metal-ish riff at the end is basically just a different idea, but will go somewhere in the song, probably as an interlude. Any comments would be appreciated, thanks
I really liked the harmony bit right before the end, that's one helluva weird-sounding harmony but it sounds great.

Measures 18-21 so remind me of the Doom 2 music.
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interesting. pretty nice use of time signatures and panning. the 4/4 measures become somewhat of a relief/break from it all. that riff at 22 goes on too long and is just 8th notes. it actually starts before there with the 7/4 it looks like, but yeah, i don't know how i listened to all of that without clicking stop. you said that riff at the end will go somewhere else, maybe i just like it there because it's a break from those 8th notes. as a whole i would say this is too repetative. i had to check what that was, that reverse cymbal. nice work.

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Generally i liked it, although i have to say i found the whole thing to be too slow so i listened to it at 1.50 speed lol. Sounds good though
I didn't like it. most of the riffs were just straight 8th notes and they seemed more like exercises. I see some potential in that last riff maybe, but I don't know, it just didn't do anything for me.
i love the signature changes but i agree the rhythm should be spruced up a bit, and idk if id call this thrash, i think its more strait up prog rock

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Well anyways, to the people who said that the rhythym was boring simply because of the constant 8th notes, I would somewhat agree with you. I think we were trying to go for like...I guess a Tool effect in some parts in the song, and it really kind of reminds me of parts of Vicarious, in the sense of two similar rhythyms going on at awkward times together. But I definitely see how a person could be bored from that, but I'm sure like, vocals over top of that would be make the situation a little more bearable Thanks everyone for the feedback though!
where's the progressive...and the thrash?
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