Okay so I'm getting a new bass amp, I'm a guitar convert(reject) and am just starting to try and get serious about bass as my main instroment. SO I've pretty much lowered my choices down to two amps but am open to other suggestions if they are in the price range. For a little background, I play a Ibanez GSR200 bass(which I do hope to eventually upgrade) and currently have a lousy behringer 15w amp.

I'm looking at the Line 6 Lowdon 150 which I can get locally for $400 ( http://www.music123.com/Line-6-Low-Down-LD150-i402666.music for online link)

and the Ashdown MAG C115 300 which I can also get locally for the exact same price($400) (http://www.music123.com/Ashdown-MAG-C115T-300-i132237.music for online link)

SO I feel like I'm choosing between 2 very different products and I'm not sure which will be better for me.

Heres some of my thoughts

The Ashdown I will get more power, it is 300w as opposed to 150w but I feel like it might not give out as good a tone, I dont know this though. I played both of them but they were at different stores and on different days so its very hard to compare. The Line6 has a better line out feature but the Ashdown has the option of hooking up another cab if I needed to. The Line6 has headphone jacks, and I am going to live in a dorm next year. The line6 also has a lot more presets and tonal options, I think these are kind of cool but not sure if they are really just gimmicks more than anything else.

My main concern is if the 150w of the line6 will be enough for me, and without the option to add on another cabinet that could be bad. I'm not in a band now but I'd like to get in to playing with more people, and possibly join a band when I go to school so I wouldnt really want to have to buy a whole new amp if thats what I chose. Will 150w get me by decently? I surely dont need 300 just for practice.

Anyone have any suggestions or more info on these amps?

I guess the wattage depends on how loud the band is. Someone told me once the bass wattage needs to be higher than guitar. My last band was hard and heavy, I was using a 50w tube amp cranked, bass had 300w solid state, and it seemed like a good mix.
I'm pretty sure the MAG has a headphone out as well, doesn't it? Check in the manual on the Ashdown site. Ashdown have a much better reputation for bass than Line 6
I would reccomend the ashdown, however if you do get one, get the 4x10 MAG combo instead of the 1x15, when I went to get a new amp I tried both the ashdown 1x15 and 4x10 I found the 1x15 lacking somewhat... the 4x10 however, sounded excellent and is a little bit cheaper. and I now own it . The great thing is I can add an extention cab if I like and don't have to use the ashdown 1x15 cabs i'm not too fond of.
Either way, I suggest you try out both amps and see what you think.

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Ithink ampeg or galean kruger are th best but thats if ur lookin fer a half/full stack for jet combo amps i prefer line 6
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Thanks for the info, I went to guitar center and ended up playing this amp: http://www.music123.com/Behringer-BX4210A-i156892.music , a Behringer 4210A. The sound seemed nice and although I was scared of some things I heard about Behringers, though the guy at guitar center told me I could get a two year preformance garuntee on it.

I thought that this might be the amp for me but when I got home some of the reviews I read online werent very good, people blowing speakers and such....the thing sounded good in the store though. Whats everyones thoughts on this amp?
^ I'd stay awya from any Behringer gear. Alot of people around here and on the internet have had bad experiances with them.
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