I started to compose a song that happens at the end of 1800's...Presently it's called '' The Village''...The story is about a village that started prosperly but finally destroy itself in only one year because of the extremists of their religion...And sorry for my english I speak French, I'm from Quebec, Canada...

A. A calm beginning (January,February,March)

The year started as a summer's wind,
A peace no one even bothered to hear,
The beauty of this silence was overwhelming,
An frightening accalmy that suddenly reared,

Snow was covering the trails of our memories,
Lost crossroads beyond the infinity,
The breezing cold was soothing the naked trees,
Silent observators of the vicinity,

A decade had passed since the arrival of the first village's soma,
And people who were worried were alleviated,
The town smelled the hot sun's mirth aroma,
Our fearfulness has been annihilated,

January left us a yellow shadow,
That February changed into a cloud of happiness,
March's sunshines coming from the golden glows,
Nobody sensed the April future mess,

Thank for your comments!

i kinda like it. Check out the song "wreck of the edmund fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot.

it is a story song like yours, you might get some ideas.
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