Im having problems with creativeness. I listen to a bunch of genres to get me motivated and creative but no effect. I have no money to buy multieffects or effects so that limits me. I need help like what do you do that gets you creative.
Im going to try meditating this summer and put some incents. But what do you do? Thanks.
Well some people would view having no effects as liberating. You are forced to be creative with the actual instrument.

Not that I'm an effects basher: I make plenty of riffs incorporating my delay pedal. But it's best to get to know what can be achieved with your instrument.

When I have a lack of creativity, I do a lot of writing exercise things. I'm like, OK, I'll write a classical type thing today, or a Pearl Jam thing. They are not usually particularly original, but it gets in writing practice. Then, if I do get a good idea, I might also be able to take some things from the exercise pieces I wrote, and the whole thing is improved.

I have no set method for being creative. I just usually try to let go of my concentration and play, or force myself to play things that are strange and uncomfortable. Whatever gets me into new personal territory.
Setting your mood. Make angry music, get angry about it. Make happy calm hippy music, get all calm and mellow.
Most of my stuff I end up making myself has a What Is and What Should Never Be feel to it, because I just mellow out, let my mind go blank, and play until I get interrupted

But just do some finger exercises and play around with chords and whatnot if you can't exactly write anything
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