Hey guys,

I dont really know where to put them but i figured i should put them around here in this genre.. so anyway, i dont know if this has been posted before but yeah, check solos for this song. personally, i cant do those solo.. i wish i can do but yeah i love this band and they're amazing.


check them out!
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fcuk yeah..

(='.'=) world domination here i come!!

^__^tee hee.
It's actually pretty amazing even if I'm not a power metal fan, neither a shred adept, but theyre good at what theyre doing
Great technical skill, as for songs....meh, they aren't very original, they sound very frantic to me, and isn't very pleasing fir me to hear. But lots of people like them, they just aren't for me.
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I guess some people like them, but to me it's just noise. It almost sounds like there's no feeling to the music at all.
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