hey im in need of some feed back on my solos. i know that i need improvement, so thats where you guys come in. watch my videos and tell me what u think i need to do better, or to stop doing. now both of these videos, i just improvised. totally off the top of my head. so thats why on some parts i get stuck. so watch them and comment. go to my page I can't read the rules, and under my pic that pops up, click on videos. and watch them. thank you

You've posted this ****in 7 times already. 4 times in original recordings, one in musician's talk, one in promote your band, and another in the friggin pit. And it's not like you didnt know any better, you've already had one of your threads closed.

If you're really that desperate to get critiqued on your playing, record something else! Jeese, you've gotten more than enough responses in your other threads to build off of.
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