Yes. All you need to know.
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Yes but unless its custom or you have one of the rare floyd rose designed to fit on there then you'd have to mod the Les Paul to christ to fit one

No, LPs have the neck angle and everything. You just need to know how to rout.
If you want a trem on your LP get a Bigsby. They are much more versatile than the Floyd and only require a few screws, depending on what model LP you might not even have to do that. No matter what, any trem will attack your sustain. So be prepared for a difference there.
do bigsby's go out of tune like normal tremolos if you dive bomb?
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From what I have heard, they will eventually, but nothing like a standard strat trem will. I think Total Guitar reviewed a Brian Stetzer Gretsch something-or-other - they gave it a thrash, and said it didn't go out of tune. No Satriani divebombs though
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epiphone do a gothic les paul with a floyd rose on it

its not carved top though, its flat like an SG

if you wanted to put a floyd on a LP, you'd have ALOT of wood to rout out, and if you mess up, you can't go back.
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do bigsby's go out of tune like normal tremolos if you dive bomb?

If you want to dive bomb on a Bigsby, then you don't deserve a Bigsby.

The main concerns about fitting a Floyd Rose to an LP is the carved top.

And the routing, I mean, a whole lot of routing.
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