OK well im finally getting into theory, and im actually quite enjoying it, im only just beginning, but im slightly confused on one thing..

OK so im learning how the Majar Scale is created, and i understand that is comprised of notes in the order of T T S T T T S, but say im creating the C major scale, in open position, how do u know which notes go one which string? eg why isnt open posistion frets 0,1,3,5,7,8 etc on the E string, instead of 0,1,3 on E, 0,2,3 on A string Etc.

I cant explain well, but if i could get some help
Well when you play scales, you usually play it moving down the strings so your hand stays in one position instead of moving your fretting hand down the neck.
yes i understand that, so your saying the notes which are selected for each position are choosen because of how close together on the fret board they are?
Something like that. If you start for example on 5th fret on low E string, you'd use your index finger for 5th fret, middle finger for 6th fret, ring finger for 7th fret and pinkie for 8th fret.
So If you want to play the 9th fret low E string you move to A string 4th fret instead.
ok thanks for that ill look into it, also many octaves are their on a guitar? as theres lots of say E notes on my fretboard, but im confused as to when each is up an octave
Move along 7 frets and up (To a higher) one string [This doesn't work from G to B though].


Low E - Open = E
A string - 7th fret = E an octave higher

Or you can skip 2 strings and move on 2 frets (Like a power chord, but without the middle string) - Playing these together is called playing an octave, it's sometimes used in Trivium and things, and also Green Day solos etc.

Low E - 5th fret = A
D string - 7th fret = A an octave higher

And also moving up 12 frets on the same string goes an octave higher

Low E - Open - E
Low E - 12th fret = E an octave higher
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