I didn't know that Fred from TBS had an acoustic thing going on.

Is it worth checking out?
Where'd you hear about it?
I think it'd be worth checking out, he has a pretty decent voice and such.
I was reading about Anthony Green on wikipedia and anthony opened for Fred at a show or two during his own solo show!

now, i tell thee that would be a good show to have been at.


i think his own band has a lot of potential.
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Hmmm, the song he has up is pretty damn good but I reaalllyy want to hear more of it. I hope this goes somewhere for him, that would be awesome.

And you're right, that would be a kcikass show.

it will probably one of those things that doesnt move much out of the internet or underground territory though

like with city and colour, (although he's rather big in canada) but if i mention it to my mates they're like Dallas who? but they know of alexisonfire... (tools)
certainly not a bad track, but sounded slightly repetitive towards the end and he doesn't have as good a voice as dallas.

good find, detective jon.
The myspace player isn't work (as usual), so I went here and took a listen. Sounds nice.
Was he in Breaking Pangaea and Brody? Didn't realise that
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Brighteyes meets Dashboard... He's pretty good!
that's great

i hope he releases something, i love his voice.

or even a fred/anthony split!
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Hey, this aint half bad. I think their name is a bit stupid though.

Jon, thank you for those comics btw
There is no place else to go
The theater is closed
Anthony Green's set was really good. He played High and Driving, Circa, and Audience of One tracks
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good find, detective jon.

It's not too bad, and I had no idea about this at all.
i think there's something about this in the tbs article in AP, fred said something about playing a show for one and a half hour and the only song that the audience knew was new american classic lol
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I saw Fred with Anthony and Owen (<3).

Erm..he came out solo for a bit and played some songs,
a few TBS songs (New American Classic), some Brody Songs, and some Breaking Pangea songs. Oh, and a Michael Jackson cover.

Anyway, then the rest of the band came out...random guy on bass, random guy on guitar...WILL NOON on drums! They played a bunch of stuff, mainly Brody/Breaking Pangea songs, with a few originals mixed in. The bassist from BP was actually there, so he got on stage for a song and it was the original BP line-up
I remember way back when when he was posting stuff about this on TBS's website. That was back in like 2004, and now he finally did something.

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I saw Fred with Anthony and Owen (<3).

sameeeeeee, i felt bad though, after anthony green and owen were done like almost everyone left for fred. i saw the beginning of his set and it sounded pretty nice.